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Falconwood offers the full range of professional services that are needed today by government agencies to deliver system solutions that work cost effectively, improve agency mission performance, and enhance the quality of service to agency customers. Falconwood's professional services cover all aspects of Information Technology, including planning, analysis, design, development, testing, integration, and implementation of information systems and telecommunications networks. These services fall into eight areas.
IT Strategic Planning and Management

Through our IT system management consulting services, Falconwood draws from a portfolio of integrated IT strategy capabilities and expertise to ensure that the agency's foundation and direction in the application of IT are well defined, efficient, and consistent with commercial and government best practices and legislation.

IT System Engineering

Our system engineering services ensure that information systems and telecommunications networks are designed to capitalize on agency architectures and IT standards, to provide interoperability with other systems and networks, to be reliable and maintainable, and to make the most cost-effective use of commercial off-the-shelf technology and agency wide and government wide resources.

IT Program Management

Our program management services ensure that IT solutions are integrated into the overall organizational and programmatic infrastructure for optimal improvement in performance and that IT projects are successfully managed start-to-finish through the fierce competition of an agency's IT budget process.

IT System Security

Applying our IT system security capabilities to our clients' environments, we help them identify vulnerabilities, manage risk, and implement security processes that improve the protection of their IT systems and critical resources.

IT Advanced Technology

Our advanced technology services provide leading edge emerging technology expertise, allowing organizations to capitalize on the latest IT advances. Our full range of services include: technology evaluations, feasibility studies, prototyping, systems engineering and life cycle support. A primary focus in this area is on Internet/Intranet and web-based application development.