Professional Services.

Falconwood offers the full range of professional services that are needed today by government agencies to deliver solutions that are cost effective, improve mission performance, and enhance the quality of service to the organization’s customers. Falconwood's professional services cover all aspects of Information Technology, including planning, analysis, design, development, testing, integration, and implementation of information systems and networks. These services fall into eight areas.


Our cyber professionals, comprised of Risk Management Framework professionals (ISSOs, ISSEs, Validators, AOs), cyber security analysts, inspection specialists, penetration testers, and internal controls specialists form a complete Cybersecurity community of practice that integrates cyber and test & evaluation activities into the acquisition and system development lifecycle. As a result, we help clients identify vulnerabilities, manage risk, and implement security processes that improve the protection of their IT systems and critical resources.

Cloud Solutions

Our Cloud community of practice enables cloud engineering expertise, analysis, and technical support for all cloud planning, design, and implementation activities in common Cloud environments, while overlaying fundamental concepts such as DEVSECOPs and SAFe.

Enterprise Solutions

We apply industry best practices, such as ITIL and Lean Six Sigma, to address business needs by establishing repeatable processes and actionable performance metrics to provide effective management of activities, knowledge, data, and information throughout our clients' organizations.

Systems Engineering & Modeling

Our system engineering and modeling services ensure that information systems and networks are designed to capitalize on agency architectures and IT standards, while providing interoperability with other systems and networks. Using model-based system concepts, we design systems to be reliable and maintainable, making the most cost-effective use of commercial off-the-shelf technology and organizationally available resources.

Program & Project Management

Using proven methods such as Agile and PMBOK, our program management services ensure that IT solutions are integrated into the overall organizational and programmatic infrastructure for optimal improvement in performance, and that IT projects are successfully managed start-to-finish through the fierce competition of an organization's IT budget process.

Strategic Analysis & Acquisition

We then draw from that expertise to ensure that an organization's IT foundation, plans, and budgets are well-defined, defendable, executable, and consistent with industry best practices and policy to move forward with technology decisions.

IT Logistics Management

We deliver integrated IT logistics expertise that aligns business capability with manpower, supply, training, facilities, transportation, and sustainment needs. We provide strict traceability of requirements across the full spectrum of configuration management practices, from initial procurement to End-of-Life (EOL) / End-of-Service (EOS) for hardware, software, and infrastructure components.

Advanced Technology Solutions

We maintain expertise across leading and emerging technologies, allowing organizations to capitalize on the latest IT advances. Our full range of services include: technology evaluations, feasibility studies, prototyping, and web-based application development.

Corporate Overview.

The Falconwood Corporation, with corporate headquarters in Arlington, Virginia is a small, woman owned, veteran business management and technology consulting firm specializing in strategic planning, systems engineering, program management, information assurance, independent test and evaluation and advance technology. We are committed to helping our clients solve complex problems. Since our start in 2001, our annual revenue has exceeded $1 million in provided services to numerous agencies and is projected to triple this year. We specialize in integrating our interdisciplinary skills with those of team partners and clients to support today’s increasingly complex business environment.

Falconwood specializes in hiring only those highly qualified people with the functional and technical skills and experience to ensure success. We back our people with substantial investments in resources, methods, tools, and facilities. Falconwood supports the continued education and training of our employees with a wide range of educational opportunities and resources. We also form diverse teams that bring together the broadest, most innovative and comprehensive services offerings to our clients.

The professional services offered by Falconwood's Technology Business cover five (5) areas of information technology support. The services provided in each of these areas, when applied individually or combined to conduct enterprise wide and/or project-based efforts, will bring comprehensive, productive, and progressive state-of-the-art solutions to our federal clients. Falconwood’s diverse capabilities and experience have made it possible to successfully blend management and technology consulting with an in-depth knowledge of the latest technologies. Since its founding, Falconwood has continuously expanded its services in the information technology field through investment in our people, processes, and service offerings.

Falconwood has the experience, technical capability, skilled professional staff, and leadership, backed by a proven record of successful performance throughout the federal agencies we serve. The comprehensive IT Services Schedule that we are proposing will support our federal client’s goals now and into the future. Falconwood is committed to being the absolute best and to assuming our client’s mission as our own.